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"Are you looking to increase your services, without
increasing your staff? Or grow your current service
line without taking on more financial responsibility?"

TAD can provide a solution.

Our design team will build a storefront (using Volusions product line) that features
our great packages but under your firms name. You then simply link these
packages to your site! Our storefront packages start at $99.95 per month
($70 per year for an SSL certificate) and include our entire service line.
You simply tell us how much you want to charge based off of our current
packages, we do the rest. We communicate to your clients as you, do all the
work as you, you get the stickiness and the credit! Give your clients more
reason to stay with you and to avoid your competitors!
Service Packages

Bronze: $149.95
Silver: $224.95
Gold: $374.95
Titanium: $524.95
Platinum: $749.95
Diamond: $949.95
Corporate Packages
Ala Carte Options

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Starting from
$1,495.95 per month!

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