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TAD is at the forefront of technology both
in how we approach accounting and how
we help our clients stay current on important
industry information.

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Our Media Center
  Corporate Information
Recognized as ďPioneers of the Virtual FutureĒ, TAD makes it
possible for even the smallest business to have the same quality
accounting services as a larger competitor for often less than the
cost of a bookkeeper.

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  Press Releases
TAD will periodically issue press releases to announce product
details, updates, new materials and more.

> Announcing the formation of TAD, an Outsourced Accounting Firm

> TAD's New Services
Beginning June 1, 2009 TAD will begin hosting business webinars
that are free for you to attend on a weekly basis. Webinars will
include, How TADís outsourced accounting platform saves you time
and money, Analyzing your financial package, Using software to
increase efficiencies and many others. You do not need to be a client
of TADís to participate in a webinar, just sign up and you will receive
a reminder a few days before the event occurs.
  TAD on Twitter®
Twitter allows TAD to keep you informed of new accounting policies,
webinars, special events and IRS dates that are important to your

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  TAD Blog
TADís weekly blog has something for everyone. Articles regarding new
accounting policies, IRS laws, and even software reviews are just some
of the interesting news you can read. Our Blog will replace our bi-weekly

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  TAD Pod Casts
TAD is currently working on a series of POD Casts that will be available
for download. Our monthly casts will cover client questions, latest
accounting changes and operational tips to keep you in the loop.
  TAD Videos
TAD will soon produce a quarterly YouTube series that will address
accounting questions that you and others phone in. We accountants
can be a little dry, but we promise humor as well as solid accounting
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