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Your first 90 days with TAD are critical.
Thatís the period of time we use to learn
about and understand your business and
accounting processes. We put together a
90 day plan at the very beginning to assure
a smooth transition for each new client.

Hereís what to expect:
  24 Hours: Meet the TAD Technical Team
A member of our Technical Team will contact you and assist in loading and setting up the software necessary to connect your accounting files
with our servers.
Our Technical Team will assist you with backing up your current accounting files and transferring them to our servers. (You will still have access
and can make backups whenever you want, so you are still in control of your accounting file. We are simply placing it in a secure location that we
know is getting backed up regularly and is safe from hacker and virus attacks. The safety of your accounts is one of our main goals.)
Note: If we will be using a VPN to access your accounting offsite, we will skip this step.
Someone from our Technical Team will train your staff to upload your accounting files and access reports using your personal website on our server.
Donít worry, if people need help, they can simply call our 1-800 number and ask tech support for assistance.
The Technical Team will verify that you are able to print from our servers to your office printer.
Do you have a scanner? If not, we can make several suggestions for the purchase of quality scanners. For an additional fee we will order one
for you. We do not up charge for scanners. You pay the cost of the equipment plus shipping.
You will receive important contact information and phone numbers. You are always in the loop.
  36 Hours: Meet the TAD Customer Care Team
The Customer Care Team will begin to review your uploaded financial file. To start, we will take a look and see what is unique about you and your
company including the way you invoice, your payroll dates, etc.
A member of the Customer Care Team will contact you and begin asking questions about your expectations and accounting needs.
Although some of these issues are addressed in the initial sales discussions, this is when we really get in there and work to fully understand
what you hope to gain by outsourcing. During the interview, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire covers the basics
like when is your rent, phone, utilities due? When do you bill clients? What reports would you like to see when you receive your financials?
Donít really know what you want? Talk with your Customer Care representative. They will take you through the process and guide you with
some suggestions.
Further investigation into any unique accounting situations that you have will occur at this time as well. All information gathered by the
Customer Care Team is placed into your Master File on our server.
A member of the Customer Care Team will help you plan financial goals for your company, and work with you to design reports that track
your progress toward those goals.
  48 Hours:
Our Operations Team receives your completed accounting questionnaire and inputs the data into our task management system. This will make
it possible for the TAD Accounting Team and your staff to track tasks and timelines.
You can begin to upload documents for account processing.
You will see the 24 hour turn-around guarantee take shape.
A member of our Customer Care Team will contact you to verify that process is moving smoothly.
  One Week:
A member of our Customer Care Team will contact you to further discuss your business accounting needs.
The Team is now processing your accounting files and the documentation of your processes and
procedures has begun.
Doing payroll with us? Your account will be set up within one week of signing and direct deposit will be available within two weeks.
First set of AP and AR accomplished and processed.
  Weeks Two & Three:
Continued documentation of your accounting processes. If your processes are more complex, we will initiate step by step recording.
That will facilitate and additional training that is needed.
A CPA from our Customer Care Team will contact you to make sure your needs are being met, and to learn about other questions
and concerns you may have.
  Week Four:
The Customer Care Team will contact you to verify that the process is taking place as expected.
Our Customer Care will provide the first set of financial reports to review.
Documentation of your accounting processes is still going on.
  Week Five: Meet your TAD Accounting Team
Customer Care Team will begin training your permanent accounting team,
including your Account Manager.
The remaining nine weeks will be used to continue learning about your systems and documenting your procedures. You can expect conversations
with your accounting team, CPA and Account Manager, to verify or just check in and see how you are doing. As the weeks progress, a secondary team
will be trained about your system so that you will receive full coverage regardless changes or routine days off among members of your accounting team.

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