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Are you spending thousands of dollars a year on an accounting
software package that doesnít quite fill the bill and may even be
more than what you really need?

Sometimes we stay with what we know only because it is so hard to figure out how to make a change.
It means having to choose from among the myriad of options in todayís financial software market.
Well, good news. You donít have to be bound to any single product just because thatís what you know.

TAD evaluates your current needs and matches them with the software that is best for you. We review
reporting and accounting requirements and take into consideration ease of use and time for
implementation. We can recommend add-in products for your current software that make your
daily tasks easier.

Once a platform has been chosen, we work closely with your company to make the conversion process
as smooth as possible. If necessary TAD will run platforms in redundancy until everyone is comfortable
with the new system. After the conversion process is complete, we stay involved to make sure that
everything is working correctly, and that all parties are satisfied with the new product.
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