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Many business owners that call us do not know what their
accounting departments do every day.
Owners are not
always clear about the processes involved in invoicing and
Companies lose a lot of money that way.

TAD starts out by documenting all of your company procedures and policies. We think it is critical
that you know exactly what needs to be done, how to do it and how long it will take. Thatís one of
the ways we save you money.

Our TAD Accounting Team is available to help your company document your accounting procedures.
Our team will help you document every procedure and record average times to complete tasks.
We video tape more complicated processes so that a new hire can watch step by step tutorials.
This supplements any other training they receive. We review flow patterns within the office.
Where does a sale begin? How is that information handed to accounting? How does the accountant
enter the data? With timelines, flowcharts and tutorials TAD can help your company improve the
accounting process and find ways to save you money at the same time.
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