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At TAD we offer a myriad of financial
solutions that will benefit your company.
Spend some time reviewing each one and
then click on the "Request a Quote" button
to get you headed toward greater financial
Our Service Solutions
  Accounting Services
Our experience tells us that companies need far more than data entry.
Companies come to us and ask us to help them manage in todays
volatile environment. That requires a Total Accounting Solution
designed to meet the specific needs of each company who works
with our accounting team.

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  CFO Services
Is your company reaching the size where you need a CFO? Our
CPAs have experience as CFOs and controllers for large and small
companies. Our bookkeepers and operations managers have
experience in a variety of industries. Let us take on the CFO
responsibility for you and save you money at the same time.

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  Tax Planning Preparation
We will custom design a tax planning and payment package for your
company. We will provide a price quote and, when you accept it,
stick with it. No surprises down the line.

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  Outsouced Accountant Management Solutions (oSAMS)
The TAD oSAMS program is your bridge between enhanced
accounting services and reduced costs. You save money from
the beginning and you will have a whole accounting team available
to meet your needs.

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  Policy & Procedure Documentation
TAD starts out by documenting all of your company procedures and
policies. We think it is critical that you know exactly what needs to be
done, how to do it and how long it will take. Thats one of the ways we
save you money.

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  Financial Software Consultation & Conversion
TAD evaluates your current needs and matches them with the software
that is best for you. We review reporting and accounting requirements
and take into consideration ease of use and time for implementation.

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  CPA Solutions
Whether you are a Tax Specialist or an Accountant, TAD can provide
you backend services that will help increase your current business and
create the stickiness you need to keep your clients satisfied.

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  Spanish Speaking Services
We are working with our partners, Chicas Vilchez & Ruiz to provide
our clients with Spanish Speaking services. Web material and services
for Spanish speaking clients will be available May 1, 2009.
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