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Outsourcing the accounting function is a sound business strategy.
This allows companies to focus on their core business doing
what they do best.
And it saves money.

Building a back office accounting function complete with all the technological advances is expensive
and time consuming. Resources are diverted that could be better used to pursue tactical and strategic
objectives aimed at improving productivity and quality.

At TAD, we believe that effective outsourced accounting is more than a service, it is a relationship.
We build that relationship with each client by learning about his or her business process and culture.
Then we design a service package that meets the unique needs of the business. If the client has an
in-house accounting staff, our team of accountants and bookkeepers can supplement and support
their work. If needed, our team can become the in-house accounting department. Our team is your
team. Our services grow and change with the needs of the business. We know from experience that
a successful outsourcing relationship will improve the bottom line for our client.
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