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TADís startup accounting package is the perfect fit for the starting business
venture. You want to make sure you are in compliance with IRS standards, but
more importantly, you want to focus on growth, not paperwork. TAD can do both,
and as you grow, we can grow with you, adding additional services as you need

Let TAD help you go from the garage to the high rise, and not break your
budget! You continue to pay your bills and invoicing your clients, we do all the
data entry and financials.

       Plus $49 for Set Up
Bronze Package Features:
With the Bronze Package you do not have direct access to you accounting files.
You will need to pay your bills via your checking or online account, and invoice
your clients. The Bronze Package gives you freedom in knowing that the financial
data you process is being coded correctly and prepped for tax advantages later in
the year. If you want access to your QuickBooks files online, look at our Silver
Package. For a few dollars more, you have complete access to your financials
24/7/365 from anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

1. Getting your data to TAD

You will receive an envelope within one week of signing on. Take your
business receipts, vendor bills and invoices, place them in the envelope
and send them (postage is already paid). We will enter up to 150 entries
per month. All receipts, when completed, will be sent back to your office
with another self addressed, postage paid return envelope ready for your
next batch!
Or... Email your scanned material to your personally assigned email address.
2. TAD will code your receipts, bills, deposits, expenses and invoices into a standard
    chart of accounts approved by the IRS. | View list for categories |
3. All deposits will be batch processed and placed under Sales.
4. TAD will reconcile one credit card account and one bank account monthly.
5. You will receive the following financial reports monthly:

Profit and Loss
Balance Sheet
AR Report
6. Your accounting questions will be answered via email by your assigned
    accountant. Emailed questions will be answered within 48 hours.
7. Take advantage of deep discounts (20% or more) on yearend tax services and
    other Ala Carte accounting options!
Full Outsourced
Accounting Solutions

Starting from
$1,495.95 per month!

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