If you are a midsized firm or larger, it is likely that the packages presented on our
site will not fit your needs. That does not mean that our firm cannot help your
company receive professional accounting services and also show you how our
services can reduce your current accounting costs. We have worked with large
and small firms since 1995 helping them with their daily accounting fuctions.
Our professional CPA’s, Accountants and administrative staff are capable of
handling all of your accounting processes, from basic AR and AP entry, payment
and processing, to the more difficult duties of a CFO. We work with you to design
an accounting package that fits your needs, meets your demands, and keeps your
company sailing on the right course. Add our powerful partnerships with other
firms designed to decrease your accounting department bottom line and help you
with office efficiencies, and your company suddenly has the power of a large
accounting firm, for less than the accounting staff you currently employ.

Take a moment to fill out our brief form. If you do not know all the answers, simply
give us an estimate. We will be calling you to verify and learn more about your
needs anyway, this just will assist us in creating an estimate we can work with
you to develop further.

Phone Number: 
State Located: 
Company Designation: 
Scope of Business: 
How many bills do you pay monthly, check and electronic?: 
How many invoices do you send monthly, printed and electronic?: 
How many checking accounts do you have?: 
How many credit cards do you have?: 
Do you have merchant accounts?:  Yes  No  How many?
Do you have a PayPal account?:  Yes  No
Do you have specialized reporting other than reports printed directly from your
accounting software?:  Yes  No
Do you file sales tax?:  Yes  No
How many employees do you have?: 
How often are they paid?: 
Who processes your payroll?: 
How many accountants or accountant assistance do you currently have on staff?: 
What is your current monthly accounting overhead?: 
What accounting software are you currently using?: 

Note: We will respond to your request within a 24 hour period. Thank you.
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