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TAD’s Premiere Service Line Platinum Package includes everything in the
Titanium Package and the following:

       Plus $49 for Set Up
Platinum Package Features:
1. Online Bill payment through our partnership with!

Process and pay up to 30 vendor payments per month (we process payments but monies for payments come out of the clients approved checking account)

One client user account created for bill authorization (additional company users can be added for $10 per month per user or authorizer)
Send us your vendors bills, we will enter the bill into the system
You will receive emails that let you know when payments are due

From the email, you can approve payments
You can change amounts to pay before they go out
Our accounting staff can only pay what you approve
Multiple levels of security and authorization built in!
2. Online Expense tracking through our partnership with!

Two client user accounts created. Additional users can be added for $12 per user per month.

Upload and track all your expense receipts through a proprietary software
Use your Iphone to take pictures and upload
Multiple levels of security and authorization built in!
Accountants can only reimburse employees for expenses you approve!
3. Access Your QuickBooks files online!

Print Checks
Enter Transactions
Process client invoices and email
4. Access to our Financial Control Panel that gives you access to applications and
    your financial data right from the desktop, or the Internet!
5. Access your accountant via email phone or through our Communicator program!
6. 30 minutes per month financial discussion with your CPA!
7. Using PayPal? We will download your data and categorize it in your financial file.
8. Getting your data to TAD

You will receive an envelope within one week of signing on. Take your business receipts, vendor bills and invoices, place them in the envelope and send them (postage is already paid). We will enter up to 500 entries per month. All receipts, when completed, will be sent back to your office with another self addressed, postage paid return envelope ready for your next batch!
Or... Email your scanned material to your personally assigned email address.
Or... simply scan your data and send it to us via our work flow management system. Upload, drag and drop, or drag from email. Know when the work is done, and verify that we have received!
9. Your choice on one of our specialized Industry Chart of Accounts! Or, if
    yours is already established, we will simply upload and use that file!
    | View list for categories |
10. We will create and send 45 invoices via email to your clients
11. We will itemize deposits for 45 invoice transactions in your financials
12. TAD will reconcile three credit card accounts and two bank accounts monthly.
13. TAD will provide payroll services for 15 employees – all within same state

Once a month, bi-monthly or bi-weekly, your choice
All checks will be direct deposit, we will not process payroll checks
TAD will process quarterly and annual payroll compliance. (Client is responsible for paying all tax liabilities. We will process all paperwork!)
14. TAD will prepare your monthly sales tax reports for one state and one city – One
       state only. You may add additional states and cities for $75 per month per report.
15. You will receive the following financial reports monthly:

Profit and Loss
Balance Sheet
AR Report
AP Report
16. Take advantage of deep discounts (20% or more) on yearend tax services and
       other a la carte accounting options!
Full Outsourced
Accounting Solutions

Starting from
$1,495.95 per month!

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