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As a client of TAD you have access to our knowledgeable accounting professionals.
When contacting your accountant, make sure you have all documentation ready,
so that they can help you with any questions you might have. Our accounting staff
is open and friendly and can answer many of your questions immediately.
Sometimes, if the question falls outside of their expertise, they may ask if they
can contact you back once they have consulted with one of the other professional
accountants on staff, or, with a CPA.

Bronze and Silver Packages: Access to your accountant will be via email.
You will receive an email address that you can send all questions through. Our
accounting staff will answer your questions or concerns within 48 hours of receiving
your email. All other packages: You have access to your accountant via, email,
phone or our Communicator tool. Please feel free to use these tools when you
have any questions.
Service Packages

Bronze: $149.95
Silver: $224.95
Gold: $374.95
Titanium: $524.95
Platinum: $749.95
Diamond: $949.95
Corporate Packages
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