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Secure Off-Site Backups:
TAD uses Symantec’s Protection Network latest offsite backup facilities to back
up your data nightly. Your data is then stored offsite for one year. If you need
information we can easily retrieve it.To learn more about Symantec’ Data
Protection click here.

Hosting Facility:
Our hardware is hosted by NetRiver. Our in-house technical team works in
tandem with Packet Drivers, a leader in technology platforms in Seattle, WA to
make sure our hardware is up-to-date and functioning at maximum efficiencies.

99.97% guaranteed high-speed core network uptime
24x7x365 monitoring by industry-certified on-site staff
Multi-layered security backed by digital surveillance and 24x7x365
   on premise staff
Redundant power systems with back-up generators, UPS systems and
   Sophisticated fire detection and suppression systems
Advanced HVAC systems for cooling and air purification, providing optimal
   server operating conditions
Fully meshed and redundant networks
File Security:
TAD uses 128 bit SSL security provided by GeoTrust to ensure secure and
   confidential client-server transactions while users are logged into their
   TADAccounting accounts. This means you can rest assured that communications
   (e.g. credit card numbers) between your browser and the TAD servers are
   private and secure when the SSL session is activated.
TAD internet and intranet network connections are firewalled and filtered to
   allow only permitted traffic.
Files on TAD are locked using Microsoft® Windows security and permissions.
   TAD authentication methods for logins use the Kerberos protocol which is among
   the most secure and reliable protocols for authentication.
TAD constantly monitors Microsoft security updates for its systems and applies
   all necessary security patches.
TAD provides hard drive redundancy in case of hard drive failures and data
   clustering in case of server failures. With hard drive redundancy, a second hard
   drive takes over if one fails. With data clustering, data is replicated to a secondary
   server creating two sets of live data in case one server fails.
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