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Relax, TAD will take care of it.
Recognized as "Pioneers of the Virtual Future", TAD makes
it possible for even the smallest business to have the same
quality accounting services as a larger competitor for often
less than the cost of a bookkeeper.
In 1995 we had an idea. Offer professional accounting services through a web based platform. At the time, no one had ventured down this road. The ability to do accounting had always been a meet and greet. Stop by the storefront, drink a cup of coffee, hand over a shoebox of accounting receipts and bills, and go back to the office. In 1997 TAD changed that scenario by providing a robust set of accounting services, strictly through a web based platform.

It was such a revelation that in April of 2000, Accounting Today Magazine proclaimed TAD the "Pioneers of Accounting, the Future of Services". TAD continued to innovate, while working on the accounting needs of companies such as Blockbuster, NDS and numerous other large and small firms and companies.

Times have changed, and TAD is no longer the only outsourced accounting firm on the Internet. Frankly there are so many, that the first 30 pages in Google are full of accounting firms large and small telling you how great outsourced accounting is. We trained some of them ourselves.

But TAD has always been about innovation, and meeting the needs of the client. We found that a majority of our clients want to know up front, “What are my costs? What are my options? What if I do not need those services?” So in 2009 TAD did something no one else in our industry has, we showed our costs and packages too you on the web. TAD is turning accounting into what it has truly become, a commodity. You have a right to know pricing, you have a right to know services, and you have a right not to have to call TAD just to find out these basic questions.

Now when you call, we are all on the same page, and TAD can begin to work on what is most important, your books.
Full Outsourced
Accounting Solutions

Starting from
$1,495.95 per month!

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